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Examples for a Hague Apostille

  • Haager Apostille Spanien

    Hague Apostille Spain

  • Beglaubigte Übersetzung (Spanien)

    Certified translation Spanish (Spain) – German.

  • Haager Apostille Deutschland

    Hague Apostille Germany

  • Haager Apostille Mexiko

    Hague Apostille Mexico

  • Haager Apostille Kolumbien

    Hague Apostille Colombia

  • Haager Apostille Costa Rica

    Hague Apostille Costa Rica

  • Haager Apostille Argentinien

    Hague Apostille Argentina

Our services

Our translators translate and certify the Hague Apostille. Finally, a sworn translator stamps the translated document to confirm that the content of the translation corresponds to the original. Each translation is checked according to the four-eyes principle.

Translation directions

You can currently order certified translations in the following original and target languages in our Online-Shop: German, Spanish, English, French and Catalan.

Translation Directions

On request we also translate and certify other languages.

Synonyms/Closely Related Terms for Hague Apostille

Although the Hague Apostille actually replaces the legalization of a document, sometimes legalization or certification can be found as a synonym. Often only the term apostille is used.

What is a Hague Apostille?

The Hague Apostille confirms the authenticity of a signature and, if applicable, a stamp on a document. On the other hand, it confirms the signatory’s authorization to sign in accordance with the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. It thus simplifies international legal transactions, since the time-consuming certification of a document in the form of legalisation by the diplomatic or consular representation of a state is thus no longer necessary. The apostille is only recognised in those countries that have acceded to the Hague Convention.

What Do I Need a Certified Translation of a Hague Apostille for?

The certified translation of a Hague Apostille is relatively seldom required, as the Apostille itself is already highly standardized. Furthermore, according to the Hague Convention, many countries recognise bilaterally with Germany the apostille as a substitute for legalisation. Therefore, check with the institution that requires a translation of your document whether you actually need to have the apostille translated and certified. Finally, the certified translation merely confirms that the text of the apostille has been correctly translated and not that the original document with signature and stamp is correct.
If you are not sure whether you need a certified translation, you are welcome to contact us.

Where Do I Get a Hague Apostille?

In Germany, the following authorities issue Hague Apostilles:
At the federal level, the Federal Administration Office in Cologne issues apostilles for most federal documents, e.g. for a certificate of conduct or for an excerpt from the central commercial register. On the other hand, documents of the Federal Patent Court and the German Patent Office are certified by the President of the German Patent Office.
At the federal state level, however, competence is not uniformly regulated; in Hesse, for example, the following applies:
The Ministry of Justice and the Presidents of the Regional Courts in Hesse are the apostille authorities for judgments and decisions of the Regional and Local Courts in the respective district. In addition, they certify deeds of notaries in their area and translations by sworn translators.
The regional councils are responsible for documents issued by municipal administrations and district administrations, civil registry offices, tax offices and education authorities, schools and universities, health authorities and veterinary authorities as well as chambers of industry, commerce and crafts.

In case of doubt, you must inquire with the issuer of the document who can carry out the certification by the Hague Apostille.

Interesting Links for Hague Apostilles

The Federal Administration Office in Cologne issues the apostilles for most federal documents:
Federal Administration Office Cologne
The following are, for example, responsible for judgments of the regional courts or for the certification of notarial deeds:
Hessian Ministry of Justice Wiesbaden, Ministry of Justice North Rhine-Westphalia Cologne, Bavarian Ministry of Justice Munich, Hamburg Justice Authority, Senate Administration for Justice Berlin, Frankfurt Regional Court, Darmstadt Regional Court, Wiesbaden Regional Court
In Hessen beglaubigen die Regierungspräsidien Urkunden von Verwaltungen, Ämtern, Schulen..:
Kassel Regional Council, Darmstadt Regional Council, Gießen Regional Council

The Price for a Hague Apostille

24 hours a day, you can immediately and without obligation receive the price for the translation and certification of a Hague Apostille. You only have to answer three short questions:

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