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The translation process does not only require linguistic competence on the part of the professional translator. The capacity to truly appreciate trans-cultural communication is paramount, in conjunction with key translation competences held across a variety of disciplines. tranet translators have acquired these skills through accredited formal education in translation studies, alongside extensive practical experience. tranet specializes in translations between the following language combinations:
  • Spanish > German, English, French, Catalan
  • German > English, French, Spanish, Catalan
  • English > German, Spanish, French, Catalan
  • Catalan > German, Spanish, English, French
  • French > German, Spanish, English, Catalan
In addition to general translations tranet is also able to carry out the corresponding certifications for the above mentioned language combinations. Additionally, thanks to our global network of specialist translators we are in a position to offer certified translations in other language combinations, carried out on request. Do you have any queries? We are here to help and will be delighted to answer all of your questions in English, Spanish, German or Catalan. Just get in touch.