Quality is paramount at tranet

Translation Quality

You take it as given that the translation of your working reference, notarial deed or any other official document is performed with both contextual accuracy and linguistic finesse. We understand this, and this is why we place such an importance on the precision and quality of our translations. At tranet we strive to exceed your expectations by placing a great emphasis on the quality of our translation work. The steps of quality control are very clearly established by DIN EN 15038:2006, the European quality standard for translation service providers. In the spirit of the philosophy established by the DIN standard, tranet places extreme importance on the selection of its translators.
The translators have to either
  • hold an accredited university degree in the translation/interpretation field or
  • have an equivalent education in a connected subject area with at least two years of documented experience in the field of translation.
Our translators come from a number of different European countries, meaning your translation will generally be completed by a professional whose native language matches the target language of your project. In the unlikely event that this is not possible your translation will be completed by a translator who has mastered the target language to native proficiency. Another important step in guaranteeing high translation quality is taken in the validation of accuracy of each translation. On completion of the initial draft the translator checks the accuracy of his or her own work. Every translation performed by a tranet translator is then, in accordance with our ‘two man rule’, checked by a second independent translator and improved where necessary.If you require a certification for your translated certificates, identity papers or other official documents you can rest assured this will only be performed by a sworn translator who is commissioned by tranet. Sworn translators are also often referred to as certified, accredited and notarized translators. The terminology used varies depending on the region and jurisdiction, as well as of course between countries. In many countries, such as Germany and Spain, these are protected titles, which may only be awarded by the relevant authorities. In Germany they are awarded by the respective district court, in Spain by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Before awarding the title, the responsible authority examines the personal integrity, the legal capacity and also the professional competence of the translator. The translator certifies the accuracy of the translation using an official stamp.


The importance of aesthetics is often forgotten!

You want to translate and certify your A-Level certificates to present them to a future employer. The content is first class, so the presentation should be too! The arrangement of text fields, tables, fonts or the fundamental colour scheme should be attractive and reinforce the content. When presenting a translation to an authority it is often important that the layout is orientated around the original document. When there are extreme differences some authorities even refuse to accept the translation. For this reason, tranet translators take advantage of the latest technology to import the original document in any format, then access a large database of document layouts to find an appropriate one, and finally use the personal touch to ensure that the presentation of your translation is first class.

Personal Consultation

Quality is what the customer desires.

And the customer also desires simple and direct contact.This is why we have created a number of different contact methods which are all at your disposal around the clock, giving you full flexibility in how you get in touch with us. It is important to us that you understand what you are ordering , and that you only order what you actually need. If you have any questions regarding our various translations and certification services, or if you would like an individual quotation because you have a large project, or because you haven’t been able to locate your document type in the selection on our website- just pay us a visit in our Frankfurt office, give us a call or write us an email! During normal business hours you are able to contact the proprietor, Ms. Navas Villalonga. She is looking forward to hearing from you. Ms. Navas Villalonga is also happy to consult business clients in person at their premises.