Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of tranet – Beglaubigte Übersetzungen online for translation services

1. Scope

1.1. These terms and conditions apply to all contracts for translation of documents between

tranet – Beglaubigte Übersetzungen online
Owner: Cristina Navas Villalonga
Im Heidenfeld 50
60439 Frankfurt am Main Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 69 13825464
E-mail: info@tranet.eu
[VAT no.: DE292857185]

(henceforth “we” or “us”)

and you, unless expressly agreed otherwise. The authoritative version of the terms and conditions is the one that is in force at the time of the conclusion of the contract

1.2. The terms and conditions apply regardless of whether you are a consumer or an entrepreneur. According to Section 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB), a consumer means every natural person who enters into a legal transaction for purposes that predominantly are outside their trade, business or profession. According to Section 14 BGB, an entrepreneur means a natural or legal person or a partnership with legal personality who or which, when entering into a legal transaction, acts in exercise of their or its trade, business or profession.

1.3. We do not accept any conditions from you that deviate from this unless they are expressly recognized by us.

2. Conclusion of contract

2.1. Via our online shop www.tranet.eu

2.1.1. To conclude a contract for translation of documents in our online shop www.tranet.eu, you can configure the scope of the order yourself in our online shop using the prescribed parameters. You have to enter the scope of your order there using the forms provided. There you can select, for example, the number of pages of the document, the language, the mode of delivery, whether the translation should be certified etc. You can then put the configured order into your shopping cart by pressing the relevant button. You can delete prepared orders that have been placed in the shopping cart by accident or in error at any time by pressing the delete button. If the order in the shopping cart has been configured in the way that you want, you can press the relevant button to go to the checkout, then follow the steps specified there. By clicking the order button, which is either marked “Place binding order” or similar, you are making a binding offer for the translation of the order in your shopping cart for the stated price.

2.1.2. You are bound to your binding offer for a period of two weeks after your offer has been made, unless your offer specifically stipulates a shorter binding period. This does not affect your right to revoke your order in accordance with point 6. A confirmation that your order has arrived is sent by e-mail immediately after the order is sent, although this does not constitute acceptance of the contract.

2.1.3. The contract comes about through a declaration of acceptance from us in a separate e-mail, which we send to you within 14 days after submission of your offer, or, insofar as your offer stipulates a shorter binding period, which we will send within this binding period. If we do not accept an order and we have already received money from you, we refund this to you immediately. We provide this refund using the same payment method that you used for the original order, unless something else was agreed explicitly with you; under no circumstances will we apply fees due to this refund.

2.2. Other conclusion of contract

2.2.1. If a contract is initiated with us not through our online shop www.tranet.eu, our offers are non-binding, unless we have expressly described the offer as binding.

2.2.2. Your order of our services counts as a binding contract offer, unless otherwise stipulated in the relevant order. You are bound to your binding offer for a period of two weeks after your offer has been made, unless your offer specifically stipulates a shorter binding period. This does not affect your right to revoke your order in accordance with point 6.

2.3. Conclusion of contract then takes place when our written order confirmation reaches you within the binding period, and text form, such as e-mail, is sufficient.

2.4. If, in an individual case, we issue a binding offer, a contract is concluded when your written acceptance of the offer reaches us, within the binding period stated in the offer, where text form such as e-mail is sufficient. If no binding period is stipulated, the binding period is 14 days.

3. Contract text storage and contract language

3.1. For contracts concluded at our online shop www.tranet.eu we store the contract text. However, we send you a confirmation of the contract, in which the contract content is reproduced, on a durable data medium. You are not able to view the contract text on our website.

3.2. The contract language is German.

4. Execution of the translation order

The translation is carried out carefully in accordance with the basic principles of correct professional practice. You receive the contractually agreed copy of the translation.

5. Your obligations to cooperate and provide information

5.1. When making a binding offer via our online shop www.tranet.eu, you are obliged to provide us with the documents to be translated by uploading them in our online shop before concluding your order. With other binding offers from your side, the documents to be translated should be attached to your offer.

5.2. You are also obliged to inform us of special forms of delivery of the translations (e.g. translations on data media, number of copies, printing, appearance of the translations etc.) with your binding offer in our online shop www.tranet.eu or with an other offer that you make outside our online shop.

5.3. You must provide us with information and documents that are required for production of a translation with your binding offer (e.g. glossaries, illustrations, drawings, tables, abbreviations etc.).

5.4. If the translation is intended to be printed, you must send us a proof sheet.

5.5. We are not held responsible for defects resulting from a failure to observe this obligation to cooperate. This does not apply if we share some responsibility, in which case we are liable as per point 11 to the extent that we are jointly responsible.

6. Revocation

6.1. If you are a consumer in the sense of point 1.2 of these terms and conditions (i.e. a natural person who makes the order for purposes that predominantly are outside their trade, business or profession), you have a right to revocation in accordance with the provisions of this point 6.

6.2. Revocation instruction

Revocation instruction

Right to revocationYou have the right to revoke this contract within fourteen days without stating reasons.

The revocation period is 14 days from the day of conclusion of the contract.

To exercise your right to revocation, you must inform us [tranet – Beglaubigte Übersetzungen online, Im Heidenfeld 50, 60439 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Tel.: +49 (0) 69 13825464 and e-mail: info@tranet.eu] through an unequivocal declaration (e.g. a letter sent by post, a fax or e-mail) of your decision to revoke this contract. You can use the attached sample revocation form for this, although it is not mandatory.

To observe the revocation period, it is sufficient for you to send the notification that you are exercising the right to revocation before the revocation period has elapsed.

Consequences of revocationIf you revoke this contract, we have to refund you all payments that we have received from you, including delivery costs (except the additional costs resulting from the fact that you have chosen a form of delivery other than the cheapest standard delivery offered by us), immediately and at least within 14 days from the day when the notification of your revocation of this contract reached us. We provide this refund using the same payment method that you used for the original order, unless something else was agreed explicitly with you; under no circumstances will we apply fees because of this refund.

If you have requested that the services should begin during the revocation period, then you must pay us an appropriate sum, corresponding to the proportion of the services already carried out in relation to the full scope of the services stipulated in the contract at the time when you inform us that you are exercising the right to revoke this contract.

6.3. Exclusion and/or early expiration of right to revocation

Your right to revocation expires early if we complete the order early, but only if we only started to carry out the order after you gave us your explicit authorization and at the same time confirmed that you are aware that you lose your right to revocation when we have fully completed carrying out the contract.

6.4. Sample revocation form

Sample revocation form

If you want to revoke the contract, then please fill out this form and send it back to us to

tranet – Beglaubigte Übersetzungen online
Im Heidenfeld 50
60439 Frankfurt am Main
E-mail: info@tranet.eu

I/we* hereby revoke the contract that I/we concluded regarding the purchase of the following goods (*)/ provision of the following service (*):


Ordered on (*) / received on (*)


Name of the consumer(s):


(*) Delete as applicable

7. Confidentiality

We are obliged to maintain our professional duty of confidentiality and observe the basic principles of professional responsibility as per the code of professional conduct of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ).

8. Delivery times

8.1. Assuming that you fulfill the obligations to cooperate from points 5.1 to 5.3 of these terms and conditions, the agreed delivery times are binding.

8.2. A slight delay does not constitute grounds to revoke the contract, but only to reject partial deliveries that have still not been made by the delivery date.

9. Acceptance

9.1. You are obliged to accept the translation produced by us in accordance with the contract within 14 days after you receive the translation, by communicating your acceptance to us in writing, where text form, such as e-mail, is sufficient. Acceptance must not be refused due to insignificant defects. Acceptance is considered to have taken place if you have not informed us of any defects that there may be in the translation within 14 days from when you receive the translation. We will draw your attention separately to this period and the legal consequences of missing this period at the start of the period.

10. Warranty rights

10.1. Statutory warranty rights apply for the translations we produce, unless other agreements are made in points 10.2 to 10.3 below.

10.2. In case of defects, initially we have the right to rectification, where the rectification is to take place regardless of the number of attempts within an appropriate time period.

10.3. If the rectification fails twice and an appropriate deadline was set for you, you are entitled to apply statutory defect rights, particularly to resolve the defect yourself and demand compensation for the necessary expenses, to withdraw from the contract or to make an appropriate deduction from the payment and to demand additional compensation or reimbursement of expenses according to point 11 of these terms and conditions. It is not indispensable for a deadline to be set if you could not be reasonably be expected to do so. This particularly applies if we absolutely and finally refuse to carry out rectification.

10.4. If you are an entrepreneur in the sense of point 1.2 of these terms and conditions, claims for defects expire within a year, with the exception of claims for compensation for damages. In the case of claims for compensation for damages, the statutory expiration applies.

11. Liability

11.1. Provided the contract does not state otherwise, we are liable for damages and reimbursement of fruitless expenses, on whatever legal basis, only in accordance with the provisions of point 11 as follows:

11.2. In case of intent and gross negligence by us or our subcontractors, in case of injury to life, limb or health, and according to the regulations of the German Product Liability Act, we are liable in full.

11.3. In case of minor negligence our liability is limited to the damages that would typically be expected to occur and to the violation of duties that are essential to the contract (cardinal duties), the fulfillment of which is vital to correct execution of the contract, and which you should reasonably be able to rely on being fulfilled.

12. Right of use

The translations produced by us are protected by copyright, and furthermore the author of the translation can only use it further with express prior authorization from you and/or from the author of the original text. Upon full payment for the translation that is produced, you receive the right to use the translation, while use is limited to the agreed use or the use of the translation that could clearly be expected from the type of document.

13. Involvement of third parties

We are authorized to use staff or expert third parties to carry out the order.

14. Payment conditions

14.1. The prices stated in our online shop are full prices, and they include VAT and other price components. Any additional shipping costs are stated to you separately when you set up your order.

14.2. You can pay for our services either by bank transfer to our bank account, which is listed in the invoice, or by using the PayPal payment service.

14.3. If you agree to pay using PayPal you are automatically redirected to the PayPal website. If you already have a PayPal account, you can just log in. Otherwise, you can set up an account in accordance with PayPal’s conditions, by following the instructions on the PayPal website.

15. Applicable law and court of jurisdiction

15.1. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies excluding the UN sales convention. If you have submitted the order as a consumer and at the time of your order your habitual residence is in another country, this does not affect the applicability of mandatory legislation of the country the laws of which are stated to apply in sentence 1.

15.2. If you are a businessman and your registered office at the time of the order is in Germany, the exclusive court of jurisdiction is Frankfurt am Main. Furthermore, the applicable legal provisions apply for local and international jurisdiction.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in accordance with Art. 14 (1) ODR-VO and § 36 VSBG:

The european commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS) which is accessible at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. We are not obliged nor willing to participate in dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.

This English translation is provided for information purposes only. Only the German original has legal force.