About us

About tranet

tranet is a Europe-wide provider of translation services, specializing in the certified translation of documents across a number of languages, carried out by highly professional freelance translators.

Certified translations - personal contact in German, Spanish, English, French and Catalan

Cristina Navas Villalonga, the owner of tranet, founded the company Übersetzungen Navas in 2011, specialising in certified translations in Spanish, German and Catalan. tranet remains an operated organisation, held by Frau Navas Villalonga.

The name tranet expresses exactly what the company offers: “tra” being a truncated form of the word “translation” (also corresponding to the Spanish “traduccion”, the catalan “traducció” and the French “traduction”). “Net” combines a reference to the online aspect of the business while also referring to the network of translators from which tranet is formed.

The small tranet logo consists of two elements. The letter ‘T’ (from tranet) in a circle symbolizes a stamp- emblemizing our main specialization as certified translators. The colour blue represents the rational foundation of a translator’s profession – duly encapsulating it’s down to earth scientific nature.


At tranet personal contact to the translators carrying out translation projects is essential. Our team consists of specially selected translators, many holding degrees from esteemed Universities, including the University of Salamanca, Spain (Facultad de Traducción y Documentación) and the University of Salford, Great Britain (School of Languages).
Additionally, our translators have experience studying or working outside of their home countries, cementing their abilities as inter-cultural mediators. All of the sworn / officially / notarised translators / notarised translators who legally validate and certify translations for tranet have passed state approved examinations.
If you would like to receive the details of the translator carrying out your project, including a run-down of their qualifications, just let us know.

Philosophy and value

tranet - Certified Translations Online - Philosophy

The philosophy and vision of tranet is to make certified translation services available online. Customers who normally do not have sworn, officially authorised or notarised translators available directly on site have easy and comprehensive access to translation services with tranet. tranet takes on all translation projects, from the smallest single document order, right through to very large projects. tranet serves all customers, regardless of whether they’re a private individual or a company. tranet’s highly motivated and well-qualified translators take responsibility for their translations, for which they possess the required expertise and enthusiasm, owing to their extensive education and training.

Some of tranet’s key values are:

  • Mutual trust, between tranet and our clients. Our customers trust us based on their positive experiences in the past – something they confirmed to us continually during personal conversations.
  • Reliability, which tranet boasts through the selection of highly qualified translators, processing translations professionally and handing them over within the specified timeframe.
  • Fairness, which tranet maintains through its price structure and the payment of its translators, further attested to by the unprecedented level of price transparency on the tranet homepage.