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Marriage Certificate Spain
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Our translators translate and certify your marriage certificate. Finally, a sworn translator stamps the translated document to confirm that the content of the translation corresponds to the original. Each translation is checked according to the four-eyes principle.

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You can currently order certified translations in the following original and target languages in our Online-Shop: German, Spanish, English, French and Catalan.

On request we also translate and certify other languages.

Synonyms/Closely Related Terms for Marriage Certificate

Wedding Certificate, Nuptial Certificate Civil Partnership Certificate

What is a Marriage Certificate ?

The Marriage Certificate documents the existence or end of a marriage/civil partnership and regulates the naming during and after the marriage/civil partnership.

What Do I Need a Certified Translation of a Marriage Certificate for?

The certified translation of a marriage certificate / civil partnership certificate is required, for example, for submission to employers, banks, insurance companies and utilities as well as for regulating certain pension matters.

Where Do I Get a Marriage Certificate?

In Germany you get your marriage certificate at the registry office where you were married. Nowadays you can request your marriage certificate almost everywhere online.

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You can order your original documents e.g. here: Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Darmstadt, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin

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