Certified Translations of Contracts

Do you need to translate a power of attorney for submission to a notary, public authority or ministry? tranet provides certified translations of all types of contracts!

Private individuals typically require the translation of any of the following documents:

  • Full power of attorney and special power of attorney
  • Testament, will, inheritance contract, power of attorney for personal care or living wills
  • Donation Agreement, purchasing contract
  • Marriage contract, prenuptial agreement

Business customers order a variety of different translations, including the following documents:

  • Power of attorney
  • Notarized agreement
  • Employment contract
  • Terms of business / terms and conditions
  • Other legal documents

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In our online shop we offer certified translations of

Translations of Official Documents

e.g. birth certificate , marriage certificate , ID card, certificate of conduct , Hague Apostille


Officially Certified Translations of Certificates

e.g. school report, university certificate, university degree certificate, work reference…


Certified Translations of Contracts

e.g. sales contract, marriage contract, testament, power of attorney…


Sworn Translations of Judicial Documents

e.g. court judgement, commercial register extract , divorce certificate, alimony settlements, certificate of inheritance…


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