Certified Translations of Official Documents

Do you require a translation of your birth or wedding certificate, or perhaps your family records? Or are you looking for an official translator to translate a certificate of no impediment to marry (CNI) or a certificate of bachelorhood, or any other document required by a registry office or a foreign authority? Tranet can provide you with notarized translations of many official documents, for instance:

At important life events you may need certified translations of the following documents, which we have summarized under the term civil registry documents:

  • birth certificate, birth registration, certificate of ancestry
  • certificate of baptism
  • deed poll (certifying of a change of name), name change certificate
  • no impediment to marry (CNI) or certificate of bachelorhood
  • marriage certificate, wedding certificate, nuptial certificate, family book, civil partnership certificate
  • death certificate, declaration of death

If you want to prove your nationality or where you live, you may need a certified translation of:

  • official proof of residence, registration certificate
  • residence permit
  • assurance of citizenship, naturalization certificate
  • proof of citizenship, citizenship certificate

We have summarised these certificates under the collective term naturalization/residence documents.

If you need to identify yourself or show your driving licence, you may need certified translations of:

  • ID card or ID documents
  • passport (without visas)
  • driver´s licence, driving permit

We have summarised these certificates under the collective term passports/driving licences.

If you need to prove that you have no criminal record, you may need a certified translation of your certificate of good conduct. This is sometimes also called:

  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Criminal record certificate
  • DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check
  • Proof of impunity
  • Character reference
  • Criminal record extract.

If you need to prove the authenticity of an official document with signature and stamp abroad, you may need a certified translation of a

  • Hague Apostille
  • legalization
  • official certification

You can find more information here: Hague Apostille

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